Reviews for The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

Such a great course! I love that she included a class notes sheet and I also took my own throughout it for easy reference when I’m in the moment! I’m a second time mom who exclusively pumped the first time and hope to have success with nursing this time. I especially loved the latching tips, positions to try and graph for poop/pee output! One of my biggest fears the first time around was questioning if I had enough milk so it was so great to hear how low a risk that is and that most moms will make enough.


Gives me confidence that I can do this and I have resources to help me when I get into hard times. 


As an upcoming birth doula, your class has significantly improved my understanding of the importance of breastfeeding and sharpened my skills to support mothers effectively. Learning about the composition of breast milk, including its nutrients, antibodies, and vitamins, has deepened my appreciation for breastfeeding's benefits. I am extremely excited to share with my clients the wealth of nutrients and vitamins present in women's breast milk, empowering them with knowledge to prioritize their baby's health. Thank you for providing evidence-based information and empowering birth professionals like myself.


This class was short and to the point. It had a lot of great info that I think will help me as I enter the breastfeeding world. I'm due in 8 weeks so only time will tell, but I've been planning to breastfeed for the entire first year, and having this extra information definitely makes me feel more confident. I'll certainly keep all of the provided resources close while I figure out this new skill. I'm so excited to take this on!


This was an extremely helpful class. There is so much information out there which can be overwhelming but this class helps break it down and provide the key information to take away from every aspect. Would highly recommend. 


I liked that the videos were broken up into short manageable sections, super helpful when chasing a toddler around. I look forward to putting what I've learned to use after having such a difficult time attempting to breastfeed with my first pregnancy.


I thought that this course was very informative and it certainly helped to calm my nerves regarding all things breastfeeding! There is so much uncertainty that comes with being a new mom and it feels like people are quick to judge just about every choice mothers make. This course helped me to feel more confident in my choices as well as have the appropriate resources to reach out to when I still have lingering questions. Breastfeeding no longer feels like a foreign idea and although I know it will still take time to really learn the ins and outs with my child, I know I have the knowledge to start off on the right foot. 


My sister in law recommended this course to me and it has been wonderful! 


Great Course! Thank you for making it fun, simple, and informative. I appreciate the pdf resources at the end to refer back to!


This class was very helpful as a first-time mom. I thought the amount of content was perfect


I was very hesitant to take any breastfeeding class, especially one that you pay for. I mean..isnt it natural and the hospital will help me, right? Thanks to this class, I know how wrong I was, and I am so super thankful for its knowledge and advice!


Wonderful! So informative but not overwhelming. I will definitely recommend to family, friends, & patients who are pursuing breastfeeding. 


My husband and I learned a lot about how lactation and everything works/functions, as well as red flags to look out for.


It was a good refresher before baby #2


As a second time mom who did not try to breastfeed my first child, this course was excellent at explaining the “why” and detailed “how” of breastfeeding. I feel that I was given sufficient resources through this to begin my journey, as I now have a better understanding of what to look for, expect, and not worry about. 


I appreciated that it was short, yet informative. I feel motivated to start my breastfeeding journey, and appreciate all the tools and documents that I can look back to when I run into difficulties. 


Took 4 pages of notes, feeling so much more confident about my upcoming breastfeeding journey 


It was super helpful. It was a lot of knowledge that I didn't already have!


I am 34 weeks pregnant at the time of this survey. This has helped me understand more about breastfeeding as a whole. I didn't realize how much went into breastfeeding as it's not talked about much depending on where you live right now. I look forward to breastfeeding my baby when she gets here and this has helped me learn more in depth of what I need and how to start plus so much more. Thank you.


I signed up for this course about halfway through my pregnancy. Breastfeeding is truly the only part of motherhood that worries me (Will I be good at it? Will my baby get all the nutrients she needs? Will I supply enough milk?) I gained so much confidence from taking this course and I feel like I'm starting to have a handle on what postpartum will look like. 


Thank you for teaching an educator like myself all about breastfeeding! 


This class was amazing. I feel confident and ready to take on this challenge!


I feel prepared to welcome my baby in a few short weeks. It was a good reality check hearing about the difficulties and how to be successful. I love the printables. 


This class provided a good overview of the basics of breastfeeding as well as some insightful more detailed tips and tricks to help moms be successful at breastfeeding.


I liked that it was all online so that I could go at my own pace and always have the resources downloaded and handy. I learned a lot, which was confirmed when I chat with family and friends who currently breastfeed or have in the past!


This course was super helpful and really helped ease my anxiety when it comes to breastfeeding. So grateful for online courses to make it easier and convenient to educate ourselves! Definitely recommend this course.


This class was great. I especially love that I have access to the information in print form and can access it whenever needed. Very helpful information as well!


I found the course extremely helpful as it not only covers the basics but also provides detailed explanations of valuable tips and techniques. The videos are broken up nicely and aren't too long to watch!


I am due to have my first baby in a few weeks and felt intimidated by breastfeeding. This course gave so much great information and gave me some confidence going into my breastfeeding journey. I now know a lot more about what to expect. Thank you!


I loved having everything laid out so that I can feel better prepared to breastfeed my baby! I especially love the little black book of breastfeeding secrets and the troubleshooting tips. I practiced the hand expression while pregnant and milk came out! That encouraged me that with the right support, a positive mindset, and all of this great information that I WILL be able to breastfeed my baby!


This course was fantastic and very informative. I’m expecting my first child and have been determined, but overwhelmed with all that goes in to breast feeding. I feel a lot more confident now and looking forward to overcoming the challenges and reaping the rewards. Thank you for putting this together!  


I am pregnant with my first baby, and really want to breastfeed but didn't know where to begin learning, or what questions to even ask. I found this course very informative, and I feel prepared to breastfeed when the time comes. It included more than I thought it would and was very uplifting.


A lot of really good information on breastfeeding, as well as easy to complete while sitting on your couch


This is a great course! Sections are broken up nicely and easy to digest! Thank you for providing the downloadable notes as well- that is very helpful!


I was presented with the information more organized and direct than if I had tried to YouTube every question I had. Also, the articles and links also helped gain understanding. I am more assured than I would’ve been without taking the course. 


Most informative! Easy to digest 


Wow, I appreciate the Little black book of tips, the pdfs for troubleshooting and the notes even though I took some myself. All is so helpful and things I didn't know before as this is my first baby to come. Thank you for providing this information at an affordable price! 


I wanted to be more informed going into breastfeeding, and I felt that this class really has boosted me on my journey. It provided tons of resources and information that will make the transition into motherhood and breastfeeding so much easier.


The breastfeeding course had a lot of information that I didn’t know, and I feel a lot more prepared now after taking it. I also purchased some of the product recommendations. I am definitely happy with this class overall and would recommend it to anyone that is having a baby.


It was very user friendly and helpful! Took lots of notes and pictures of the slides and appreciated how straightforward the material was. Nice to have downloadable PDF's as well to reference after. Definitely recommend!


It was very user friendly and helpful! Took lots of notes and pictures of the slides and appreciated how straightforward the material was. Nice to have downloadable PDF's as well to reference after. Definitely recommend!


This course provided bite-sized digestible information that supported education and empowerment to help me feel more confident in my upcoming breastfeeding journey. Preparing for breastfeeding and sleep are the most overwhelming parts of becoming a new mom for me and this course helped me to feel more comfortable approaching it. 


This was helpful for me because as a pediatrician I've interacted with many moms who are breastfeeding but haven't been through it myself. It helped to reinforce the basics and I definitely was looking for the information on hand expression which was helpful!


Before taking this class, I was terrified to breastfeed. I am pregnant with my first and I was mentally preparing for nipple pain and bleeding and being miserable! I feel more confident now and just having a place to check in with information while going through my breastfeeding journey will be amazing!


Very informative, reassuring and positive information. Many other courses lack this type of details that give hope and don't make you feel pressured to breastfeed.


Informative, to the point, and convenient, great for busy moms to be!


I feel so much more prepared to breastfeed my first baby! My husband joined in as well and we learned a ton. 


I feel more confident about breastfeeding after taking this course. It was easy to listen to and I'm excited for my breastfeeding journey to begin.


I'm pregnant with my second baby. I breastfed initially with my first (without any real issues), but around 4 months I started having supply issues (his weight started dropping) and because I was in a rural area (and it was beginning of the pandemic) I couldn't get lactation help. I started supplementing with formula while also trying to boost my supply but at 6 months my son rejected the breast all together and so we weaned. I hope to breastfeed longer this time around and this course was simply part of the extra preparations I've taken to increase my chances of success. My second hasn't been born yet, but I'm feeling much more confident that I'll be able to breastfeed for at least the first year (and hopefully even to the second). Despite having breastfed before, I still managed to learn some new info here which I feel is helpful. Thanks!


Class was full of information and wasn't too long. I am still pregnant and cannot wait to put what I have learned into action. I feel empowered to breastfeed.


Excellent course. I have a medical background and I still learned a lot. Great course for all moms— especially new moms and those new to breastfeeding. Would highly recommend!


Very informative. I like that I can go back and review, plus it has a lot of great tips, tricks, and affirmations!


I had my baby shortly after I got this class and was able to learn breastfeeding with this course in addition to information provided by the hospital. Thanks to this class, I was able to learn and adapt in real time to breastfeeding!


The course was very helpful in all areas of breastfeeding that I wanted to learn more about. Everything was very well organized and easy to get through. The extra handouts and information at the end was great too!


This course was amazing for both my partner & I! We are both feeling more confident in our knowledge for when our baby is born. There is so much information out there, that it’s hard to know what to trust. This course came highly recommended by MANY friends & family are the best resource for preparing for breastfeeding. Even my husband is feeling highly educated and ready to support! 


It included a lot of helpful information. I'm more determined to breastfeed now than I was before. 


Very small, digestible sections. Was empowering in that it provides tools for possible roadblocks that may arise in the future when baby arrives.


Extremely helpful 101 course that reminded me of things I’d forgotten from my first child, and I learned new things that I believe will make this breastfeeding journey much more successful. Thank you!


This Ultimate Breastfeeding Class is what gave me the knowledge and confidence to successfully and exclusively nurse my baby 2019-2020. This was baby number 3 for me and the first one I was actually able to have a successful nursing journey with. I'm using this class in 2022 and a refresher as I prepare to begin another nursing adventure with my baby I am currently pregnant with. I am so thankful for Milkology and recommend them to all of my friends who experience nursing for the first time. I am truly grateful for this class and the confidence I received from it.


There was a lot of knowledge gained from this class! I feel like I have a better grasp of what to expect and definitely don’t feel like I’m going into breastfeeding blind anymore! I feel much more confident. I like how the videos were sectioned out. I could play a few on the weekends or in the evenings and not feel like I’m taking in too much information all at once.


2nd time mom, breastfed first time but had a few hiccups. These courses helped me understand a little more on breastfeeding and made me realize I did not have a good pediatrician at first for my child. They discouraged a lot of the practices I saw in this course that I should have kept doing. Thank you for making this course and empowering more women to breastfeed.


This course has given me more confidence as I get closer to delivery. I wasn't sure what to expect and now I have a better idea of that, plus where to go to find help when I need it.


The class was very easy to follow and super helpful as I am getting ready to give birth. I love the fact that it's visual and descriptive. I will definitely explore past notes and videos for troubleshooting or just when I need a refresher. 


I enjoyed it. There was a lot I did not know, even me being a nurse. I learned a lot about the fears that I have and how to feel confident despite them that I can make a breastfeeding plan for my baby and that I will be successful. 


It is very helpful with all the information given and the extra notes to download for later. Very much thankful I took this course to prepare me for my breastfeeding journey. If any of my friends ever get pregnant I will suggest this course for them as well. 


Amazing course!! Very helpful, easy to understand, all the questions you might have the answer are there, concise and precise. Doesn't take too long to complete. 


Excellent!! So many good little tips & tricks and nuggets of info. The little black book and printable notes were very helpful to refer back to!


The video for hand expression was golden! I was able to express colostrum right away. I also didn't know about the laid back position. I like that it's in short chunks so if I need to review some information in the middle of the night or in a sleep deprived state I can or I can look through the notes.


I'm not a first time mom but there were some great tips for this new baby and I thought that it was a great refresher to help me feel confident going into breastfeeding this time around!


This is my second child and the first time around I was not prepared and ended up supplementing and ultimately bottle feeding my child. I want to be better prepared this time. I feel like the resources I have gone through have broadened my views and given me more confidence to try again. 


I feel so much more prepared to breastfeed after taking this course! I love that the course includes printable notes, an eBook with awesome tips/secrets of breastfeeding and a troubleshooting guide. I feel so much more confident and less anxious being able to access these resources and the course itself throughout my breastfeeding journey. The course was fun to watch and very informative, plus I was able to do it on the couch in my pj's! Definitely recommend for all the first time mama's like me out there! Best money I've spent preparing for my baby, hands down.  


I had a lot of problems breastfeeding my first baby. I am currently pregnant with my second child and I am TERRIFIED to try again. I was drowning with my first in the postpartum hormones and I had no idea what I was doing and why I was having issues despite having taken a breastfeeding class through the hospital. After taking this class, I feel so much more prepared to breastfeed my second child. Most breastfeeding resources only highlight the benefits and "highs" of breastfeeding. This class actually talked about how challenging it can be. I really appreciate the honesty and transparency. I have high hopes for my next breastfeeding journey, and I contribute a lot of my confidence around the realistic expectations provided in this class.


This class has soothed a lot of my worries and concerns about my upcoming delivery. It has provided myself and my husband with so much knowledge! I cannot wait to meet my baby and put this knowledge to the test. Thank you!


Very informative class - I am a physician assistant so I did know quite a bit about the benefits of breast milk but this class offered a very well-rounded introduction and education in to the how-to's and motivations of breast feeding. I will definitely be buying this for friends when they are expecting!


This is a great course!!! I'm thankful it was super affordable, highly detailed, not a a huge time commitment (short video segments), and written notes were provided for future reference. You can't beat lifetime access either! I'll definitely be back once babe is born and we're learning how to do this together. :)


Great class! I wish I had this with my other two children.


As a soon to be second-time-mom, I found this course a wonderful refresher on breastfeeding. It reminded me of so much I had forgotten, and even taught me some tips that would likely have really helped my breastfeeding experience the first time around!


I am so grateful for this Milkology course. It has so much great content for a truly affordable rate. I enrolled in the Ultimate Breastfeeding Class during my 3rd trimester and I am so glad I did. I still needed some help at the hospital to really get the hang of things, but I didn't realize how much I didn't know about the entire process until taking this course. Overall, I felt so much more prepared to enter the breastfeeding journey after taking this course. 


I'm really glad I bought this course! Not only was it amazingly affordable, it was quick and easy to go through in just a few short sessions, and really informative. The extra resources and tips are very impressive and so helpful too! As a first time mom, I really have no idea what to expect when it comes to breastfeeding, so this definitely helped ease some of my anxiety and confusion. And even though I still feel a little in the dark (since I haven't had my baby yet and have yet to experience trying breastfeeding), I feel confident in knowing where to go for help and that it might take a little while to really get the hang of breastfeeding, and that's okay. And I'm so grateful I will have access to the course and all the resources forever so I can come back to them as often as I need to after my baby is born (and for a refresher with future babies)! I'm sure I will be reviewing the course a LOT as I am learning how to breastfeed in the next several weeks and months! Thank you!!! 


I loved this course!! It was very informative and helpful in making me feel prepared. I learned a lot and love the way it was broken up and presented. 


I love these classes! I am a first time mom and the classes were very informative and answered all my breastfeeding questions. Makes me feel ready and prepared to begin my breastfeeding journey.


Milkology was effective, easy, and affordable! I highly recommend to first time moms! 


Great class! Short and to the point. Wish I would of had it with first child.


I plan on breastfeeding my baby in two months and I have been driving myself crazy with worry and questions and nerves. I found this class and signed up right away and I am glad I did it gave me a lot of helpful information and answered a lot of the questions I had. I printed out all the downloads and placed them in a binder for when I have issues or need to refresh my memory on something. This helped ease my mind and give me a boost of confidence that I CAN breastfeed! 


I am so happy I found this breastfeeding class. I had attempted breastfeeding and pumping with my daughter but it failed miserably. Now I am pregnant with twins and feel way more confident understanding some information I did not before and realizing I could have been successful the first time with the knowledge I now have of breastfeeding!


I enjoyed that this class was self-paced. I took one months ago offered through my hospital and I feel I gained so much more from this way of learning. The printouts are easy to follow and refer back to, and I like that if I need to I can access the videos later. 


Both my husband and I loved this course! We loved how it’s at your own pace and every single thing talked about was so interesting and helpful! We wanted to be somewhat knowledgeable before going to the hospital and now we both feel VERY confident about breastfeeding and what to expect. I think this course was much more interesting and personalized in comparison to one the hospital gives. 


This course is amazing! I am so thankful I looked at this beforehand. I've been so nervous about learning everything there is to know about breastfeeding in that short time provided in the hospital with lactation. This guide has eased my nerves and given me more confidence as I approach this next step! Thank you!


For me, I didn't know what I didn't know, so taking this course gave me the confidence that I'm well-informed on what to expect and have some tools now to know how to handle any issues that arise.


This course was awesome! I have been so nervous about breastfeeding but after taking the course I feel totally ready to do it. Everything was easy to understand and really helpful. Thanks Milkology!


I thought this course was super informational and I learned so much so quick. I appreciate all the tips and education this course has provided me and I took my own set of notes to keep with me to use following my delivery that is happening next month. thank you!


With being less than a week away from my due date and time flying by, I was finally able to take this class that I had bought weeks ago. It completely eased my mind. Breastfeeding is nerve wracking but this course definitely helps. It is very detailed in all aspects of breastfeeding. 


I have felt so overwhelmed my whole pregnancy with people trying to tell me what to do and what not to do with conflicting information. When I saw this class I figured it would set the record straight. Not only did it help me understand the ins and outs but it gave me so many printable notes and tools and resources that I feel so secure and excited for my baby to come! 


I absolutely loved this class! As a FTM, I'm very nervous about breastfeeding and this class definitely helped me gain so much knowledge and most importantly, helped ease my worries. Highly recommend!


I thought I was well-informed about breastfeeding prior to taking this course, but I learned SO MUCH MORE. I would (and will) recommend this to every expectant mama I come across who is interesting in breastfeeding. Truly was a must have for me.


I'm a first time mom and I'm also an ER nurse. I wanted to be prepared (if possible) for breastfeeding and have heard so many positives and negatives about it. Friends who are going strong with their 12 month olds, and then friends who only talk about how miserable it is and painful. This course definitely made me feel so much better about the process, and that it's just going to be a learning curve! I'm excited about this new journey and determined to give it my best effort! I will definitely recommend this course to friends in the future! 


I came to the course with zero knowledge. I'm 39 weeks, better late than never! Feeling better, confident and inspired now.


I’ve always known I wanted to breastfeed, but being pregnant for the first time has me so nervous about it. I’ve got lots of people around me that have been unsuccessful and it’s really got me down. I took this class and let me just say- I have never been more confident going into something like this. I am determined to be successful and nothing will stop me! Thank you so much for all the information and resources. I think every pregnant woman should take this class! I am now educated and 100% prepared for what’s about to come! :)


This course has been the most informative resource I have come across after taking others online and from my preferred hospital. Affordable, informative, and with downloadable notes and handouts to refer back to. Highly recommend!


This class was extremely helpful and definitely removed some of the fear and anxiety that I had about breastfeeding. The information on latching and how to increase milk supply will be valuable. Thank you for this course! The videos are perfect in length and keep the viewer engaged throughout.


This answered every question I didn't even know I had!!! 


So helpful and gave me the peace of mind that I needed!! 


I thought this course was extremely informative, even as a 2nd time mom who breastfed my first baby for 9 months. I was reminded of key tips as well as learned what I did wrong the first time and how to correct it. I love the troubleshooting checklist! I know I will be referencing it in the future. I also loved learning about new positions to try to feed my baby in. This course makes me excited to have my baby in a few weeks so I can see how much more successful I can be my second time now that I have gained some new insights. 


I've started taking some courses and watching videos that are offered at my clinic and was disappointed how outdated they felt. This course is modernized, easy to work through and extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend it to others wanting to learn more about the breastfeeding process and what to expect.


Being a first time mom, but a full time Early Education teacher I thought I knew it all. This course really helped me with facts and hints I had no idea about! 


I wish I had taken this course before I had my first baby! Quite a bit of this information and tips would have answered a lot of questions I had and saved me some pain (both physical and emotional!). I feel like all of the basics were covered in addition to some great resources provided for continued success in breastfeeding. I am excited to breastfeed again and feel really empowered to make this an even better experience than I had with my first child.


Highly recommend. Knowledge is power, and this course provides a lot of reassurance and extra goodies to help you along the way.


This course answered all of my questions and gave me some major insight into the joys of breastfeeding. My little one is due in the next few days and I can’t wait to put my new knowledge to work. I was scared before but now I feel so prepared. 


I loved Milkology! It was perfect for a FTM who is a bit overwhelmed by all the information coming at her! It was just enough to take the edge off of worrying that breastfeeding will be too hard! 


I already have one child that I breastfed for 9 months, so I’ve had personal experience. But this course was a great refresher on all the things I need to know for breastfeeding again (currently pregnant with second child). I feel more confident after this course and love that there are printable notes that I can always look back on if I ever have any questions. 


This course was fantastic! It was very reasonably priced and worth every penny! I feel so prepared and empowered to start my breastfeeding journey because of this course!


I absolutely loved this course! It was very informative and helpful. I found it interesting hearing the science behind why a mama's body does what it does. Now I can't wait for my baby to come so that I can put to use everything I have learned!


I was so unprepared with my first baby I ended up formula feeding. After a few months I felt I had missed out on an incredible bond. Now I am expecting again and this course helped me understand every aspect of breastfeeding and how to set myself up for success. I'm feeling much more confident and excited this time around!


Both my husband and I took this course together. He especially found the first few sections "very interesting." I appreciate that the information is available for later reference. 


I LOVED this course and thoroughly learned lots!! 


I only made it halfway through the class before I started recommending this to my soon to be mom friends. I am not due until August, but want to be as knowledgeable on the subject as possible. Goal is to set myself up for success!


I enjoyed this course very much. I feel more confident knowing how to approach breast feeding as a first-time mother and, for the price point, it was very worth every penny! 


Great instructor , very knowledgeable and passionate. I start with so little knowledgeable im leaving mind blown . Very informative. Keep up the great work !!


I'm glad I purchased this course. I feel that there is a lot of focus on preparing for labor and delivery, and not enough focus on what comes after. I have heard stories from failed attempts at breastfeeding from my own circle and it can be disheartening. However, I do believe that there is a good possibility that these women in my life simply did not have the resources or education to properly be supported in their journey. I think more women should take a course like this one during pregnancy, knowledge is power! 


I bought this course after trying breastfeeding for 3 weeks and baby was still struggling to latch. I found it very helpful even though I already started breastfeeding. I loved the extra videos on various breastfeeding positions, they were very informative and helpful! 


I wish I had this info for my first two kids! Looking back, I can see where I went wrong and sabotaged my breastfeeding success. Hopefully with the knowledge I gained from this course, I can have breastfeeding success with baby #3. 


Confidence booster! 


I'm on week 3 of breastfeeding and was feeling like I just didn't know enough. This course truly helped me feel more confident, and has provided great content to refer back to! 


Thank you! The information is clear and extremely important. I did not realize how much knowledge I needed to acquire until after your course!


Started recommending this class after the first few videos!


I wish I would have taken this course with my first baby. I'm in tears because I could have saved myself a lot of heartbreak the first time. I have no more questions now. Thank you!!


I just had my 3rd baby and still found this course helpful. Interesting tidbits I didn’t know about. 


Even though I am a GYN, I know very little about breastfeeding from my training and this has helped me hugely, both for my own baby and for helping my patients. 


Awesome class with a wealth of knowledge!


I am still in my first trimester but I knew NOTHING about breastfeeding before taking this class, people always just say how hard it is. Now I feel very knowledgeable about it and I know exactly what questions to ask my OB when I get there. Thanks to this class I knew to look for a board certified lactation specialist and I found one less than a mile from me. Thank you milkology for making my journey a little less daunting and more tangible.


This was much better then the day long course offered by the hospital that I took years ago with my first child. Great information and I loved the self-paced lessons that allowed me to stop and start and review as needed.


Thank goodness I found this. I was struggling as a first time mom and this was exactly what I needed to give me the confidence boost and knowledge to keep going. I’ve recommended it to every pregnant woman I know. 


This class was excellent! Watched it with my husband and we were both thoroughly impressed by the knowledge that we gained! 


This is so helpful!! What a worthy investment! Thank you so so much! I learned a ton!


This was the best $ I’ve spent this entire pregnancy. To be honest the feedback I’ve gotten from some breastfeeding moms has been discouraging & I realized I’d be better off taking a class to educate myself on what to prep for and what to expect instead of taking another moms experience & making it mine. This class is soooooo easy to follow with quick 15 minute or less videos to cover all the major topics of breastfeeding - & she explains it in a way that would make sense to anyone watching. I love the extras and PDFs she gave at the end of the course & will 100% be using those guides as a reference during my breastfeeding journey. Honestly I’m really excited to start breastfeeding & learn with my baby throughout this process. Thanks Milkology for making me feel confident going into my first breastfeeding experience!


This was an amazing course. As an RN, I love to know the biology and science behind things. This definitely met those needs for me. A minute and a half in to the course, I knew this was money WELL SPENT! Thank you for taking the time to create such valuable information for Mamas in such an organized and easy to understand and use format! Thank you!


This course really relieved a good amount of nerves in my 39th week of pregnancy! Love how easy it is to follow and how much information you can get in even if you're panicking 1 week before your due date.


Great overview of breastfeeding! I LOVE the Ultimate Class Notes download! I was planning to re-watch the videos when my baby comes, but with the notes downloaded I have a reference now. I will read it and highlight things that I want to reference in the future. Thanks!!


For a first time mom, I'm glad my doctor recommended this course. I thought breastfeeding was a natural process and didn't realize how much time, work and effort goes into the process - I appreciate the reality check! While I felt overwhelmed at times in completing the course, I feel at ease knowing I can come back and watch these videos anytime I want. In addition, the bonus class notes are extremely helpful for a quick reference. Let me be clear, the overwhelming feelings I have are not because of the course but because I didn't realize how much actually went into the process of breastfeeding. Great course - highly recommend!


Should have taken the course sooner...I definitely enjoyed the videos and the course information. The tips/secrets helped out a lot with my breastfeeding journey


I unsuccessfully tried to nurse my first and ended up quitting about 5 days in due to a lack of information and a support system. 2 years later, I am 39 weeks pregnant with my second and up until a few hours ago I was still saying, "This is something I'm going to try!" when I talked about breastfeeding. I've now changed my perspective to, "This is something I'm going to DO!" because of this course. I feel a lot more confident that I have the tools and knowledge to nourish my baby. And if I have a hard time, I am not ashamed to reach out for help. And I know who to reach out to! Here's to the start of a beautiful breastfeeding journey for my daughter and I…